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Telecommunications management

...that supports your business objectives

Most businesses are hard pushed to find the time for an occasional review of rates and understanding modern telephony requires time not available to most finance and IT managers. At Purchase Direct we have developed a service that allows any business to understand its telephony and react to innovation without having to keep pace with the technology themselves. We cover all aspects of your telecommunications portfolio; from traditional fixed, mobile and data technologies, to the many variants of converged or IP telephony.

The first stage of our service is the telecommunications audit:

Initially a desk exercise is performed to identify from invoices and contracts, the connectivity across all business locations, the costs and their usage profiles. Purchase Direct's auditors can then if necessary visit each location to get a proper picture of where connectivity is and what it is being used for.

The immediate benefits of this exercise are:

  • Confirmation of total cost to the business
  • Identification of call profiles to identify abuse
  • Cancellation of unused connectivity
  • Optimisation of connectivity
  • Identification of any incorrect billing
  • Creation of your telephony estate.

Once your telephony estate has been created we work with you to review your telecommunications strategy. The agreed strategy is then applied as each of your current contracts expire, delivering savings and service improvements to your business.

Our approach is to build a sustainable cost structure and use reporting and profiling to maximise your savings and deliver management information to improve efficiency.

Our in-house experts provide the following services:

  • Management of telephony estate
  • Identification of preferred suppliers
  • Implementation of new contracts
  • Preferred supplier management
  • Regular market testing
  • Research of emerging technologies
  • Call profiling and reporting
  • Procurement of ad-hoc equipment
  • Maintenance cost investigation.

Telecom helpline

The final piece to our telecommunications management service is our in-house customer service team who are able to identify, handle and manage any faults you experience quickly and efficiently, ensuring minimum down time.


Our team of account managers can help with all your enquiries. To find out more, call us on 01707 299100 or alternatively use our quick and easy online contact form.