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Taking a bite out of energy consumption

Over 20% reduction of energy consumption wins award for the Essex Auto Group

It had always been a long term goal of The Essex Auto Group to reduce their energy consumption and when Purchase Direct offered to enrol them on their energy management programme, they didn't take much persuading.

Reduced consumption

The opportunity to reduce their consumption by 15-20% and to win the hearts and minds of their staff was just what they had been looking for. Their website bears testament to a long-term view on their responsibility to the environment.

The first stage of the programme was to ensure that the consumption of every electricity and gas supply was monitored; with automatic reports sent to each site to track usage behaviours. Data on historic consumption was collected to measure the on-going progress of the project. After all, if you can't measure it you can't manage it.

Full audit of each site

While the metering and monitoring was being put in place, each site was audited to build a complete picture of what equipment was on site. Any opportunities to implement no-cost, low-cost and investment measures were highlighted; and if possible actioned by the auditor. Purchase Direct have a history of reducing consumption for Motor Dealers, so our motor trade experience uniquely positions us to maximise savings at each site we audit.

The Essex Auto Group's programme was launched at a workshop for their Energy Champions, where they were shown how to understand the reports, walked through their audits and trained on the simple no-cost and low-cost actions they could apply to their sites immediately.

Purchase Direct have learnt that having an Energy Champion on site is essential and increases the savings potential at each location; staff need to know that the programme is fully supported from the top down.

Purchase Direct working with Energy Champions

The monthly performance reports and daily push reports help to reinforce the impact any site changes have on energy consumption levels. Purchase Direct's Energy Management Team worked with Energy Champions at each dealership to provide continuous support and assistance when implementing savings.

"Being more energy efficient has been a key goal for our business for some time and delivering both a reduction in our carbon footprint and over £80,000 in savings has been a fantastic result. The support provided by Purchase Direct has enabled us to keep working on energy reduction without losing our focus on the big stuff like selling and servicing cars. Their team of energy management specialists highlight where we are wasting energy and quickly support our on-site energy champions to fix the problems. We couldn't have achieved the savings or maintain them without their support"

Philip Maskell - Chairman, Essex Auto Group


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