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Purchasing consultancy

Overhead purchasing that works

Most businesses accept that they could purchase their overheads better. The reasons they do not do anything about it vary, but they follow a common theme:

  • Not enough time
  • Not high enough priority
  • Insufficient market knowledge

At Purchase Direct we've developed a methodology that will work for you, and that's guaranteed. A return that can exceed 10 times your investment.

  • A sustainable service able to deliver year on year
  • A partnership with your in-house stakeholders and suppliers alike

Why choose our business model?

Most cost-reduction consultancies ask for 50% of your savings without considering a long-term partnership. At Purchase Direct we understand that you are the customer and that the lion's share of the savings must go to you.

Our charges are based on the work we do for you, not on the savings you make. We have customers saving 25 times our fees and that makes us proud and our customers very happy.

So how do we do it?

Well, we've taken the best bits of our competitors' service offerings:

  • From Consultancies… a proactive approach; copying invoices and contract details at your premises and bringing real savings to you to implement for your business
  • From Brokers… in both Telecoms and Utilities we replace the necessity of having unregulated brokers and work for you under a Service Level Agreement
  • From Buying Groups… wherever possible we negotiate bespoke "Purchase Direct" terms and pricing, enabling you to benefit from our customers combined buying power.

And we've added a few ideas of our own...

  • We focus on what you buy and why, not just on the price you pay
  • We insist on regular reporting from your suppliers so that we can identify purchasing trends and address any problems early
  • Where possible we push reporting to your Key Managers so they can also take responsibility for how they are purchasing
  • We give you a written guarantee that we will find more than three times the fees you pay or we give you money back

We like our model - we think you will too.

Can we help your organisation?

Our customers range from £billion turnover plcs to primary schools and doctors surgeries. Any business that spends money on overheads will benefit from working with Purchase Direct and we have different delivery models for different sized organisations. We also provide a white label procurement service for accountancy partnerships who wish to introduce our service to their clients.

What products and services do we cover?

Everything that's an overhead to your organisation is covered by our service and where we work in a vertical market there are market specific overheads that we cover. Through the links below you can see the scope of services covered for our customers.

Tendering and Ad Hoc Purchasing

Purchase Direct have preferred suppliers for every product and service on our product list to compare your current pricing to, but where your consumption of a product or service is significant we will tender your contract to your incumbent supplier, our preferred supplier(s) and a list of other companies agreed between us both.

Quite often businesses have the time to identify the product they want, but don't have the time to get three or four quotes. In addition to the areas covered under our product lists we are happy to undertake benchmarking for any ad hoc purchases and obtain multiple quotes for our customers. All that we ask is that you send us the specification and initial quote you have obtained and we'll do the rest.


Our team of account managers can help with all your enquiries. To find out more, call us on 01707 299100 or alternatively use our quick and easy online contact form.