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Overheads Covered

Everything that's an overhead to your organisation is covered by our service and where we work in a vertical market there are market specific overheads that we cover:

All markets product list

Outlined below is a list showing the majority of products and services covered by Purchase Direct. If there is a product or service you require support with that is not showing it does not mean that we can't help you. In most cases we will have experience of buying the product or service and our purchasing team love to work on 'interesting' new areas.

Health market product list

Purchase Direct delivers the "Practice Cost Control" service to doctors' surgeries, clinics and hospitals. We work in local PCT areas supported and recommended by groups of like-minded Practice Managers to deliver savings in both general overhead areas and medical specific services. For doctors surgeries we are typically able to identify well in excess of £1 per annum in savings for every patient covered by the surgery.

Motor trade product list

Purchase Direct have been helping Motor Trade businesses with their overheads since we were recommended by Toyota to their franchised dealers in 1995. We are still recommended by Toyota today and have been recommended by almost every other motor manufacturer to their franchised dealers over the past fifteen years. 50% of the UK's top 200 franchised car dealer groups are customers of Purchase Direct and we also support bodyshops, commercial vehicle dealers and a diverse mix of other motor trade businesses with their purchasing.

Education market product list

Purchase Direct works with local schools consortia, academies and independent schools to coordinate and leverage the buying power of the group to deliver savings in both general overhead areas and products and services specific to schools of all sizes and age ranges.


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