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Fix Auto UK confirms procurement initiative with Purchase Direct

(Mon, Jul 18, 2016)

Fix Auto UK has just appointed Purchase Direct to run their Fix Auto Cost Optimisation Programme. This is an important initiative as they seek to develop their longstanding ambition of building the most profitable bodyshop network in the UK.

With more than 20 years’ experience working within the motor trade, Purchase Direct has a clear understanding of the costs associated with running a successful body shop and our proven approach enables savings to be achieved without compromising service quality.

Ian Pugh of Fix Auto UK points to Purchase Direct’s proven approach which delivers worthwhile savings without compromising service quality. “Purchase Direct already works with a number of our bodyshops, who have been operating on their Cost Optimisation Programme for many years,” he said. “I recommend a meeting with Purchase Direct to discuss what savings you will be able to make. We expect our average sized body shop location to be saving at least £10,000 through this programme."